• Our history

  • This Mandir is dedicated to Bharat Mata, its unity, integrity, values and rich heritage, without any barriers of caste, creed, race, language, area or states and to spread nationality inspired and inculcated by the freedom fighters and martyrs of our beloved country.

    The Mandir is designed as a museum, library and photo gallery of freedom fighters. This is an on-going, long ending process of development and collection of photograph and information to create an encyclopedia of freedom fighters of India. It is also proposed to develop some light and sound program, giving feel of various incidences of freedom struggle. Apart from this, the Mandir shall also be depicted with various important monuments, cities, rivers, mountains, states and languages.

    It is requested to all the viewers and visitors of this Mandir and website to add-on the authentic and genuine informations and views of public interest, so that it may inspire and motivate all of us to be a proud indian and contribute to make our country a beautiful place to live.

    This is a mission started to develop faith in Bharat Mata, and to spread love, harmony and patriotism among the people and sovereignty for all-round development of the country.

    Thanks, please visit again and again to get inspiration and blessings of Bharat Mata.

    A Dream:

    A Bharat Mata portrait should have a prominent place in the home and heart of every respectable citizen of India.”